Jumping on the Trampoline: re-release

I’m re-releasing my first published book, Jumping on the Trampoline. Due to a scandal it had slipped through the cracks and fallen into oblivion. Now, for the first time ever, it is available as an ebook.

Getting my mojo back

Have you ever had a scare in pursuing a passion? I had one last year with inventing where I got flash burned. I didn’t go blind, but I took that as a sign to pursue my writing more. Now I am starting back slowly with experimenting, but it’s definitely taken a back seat to everything else.

Brake Lines

I’m not the greatest assistant when it comes to cars, as my husband can attest to. But sometimes I can be useful, like bleeding the brakes. Other times I kick back and work on my blogs and stories while he wraps up a car issue. Today’s post is about the time I offered to help, and it didn’t go like I had planned. To each their own, I guess.

God is a Mob Boss: new release

What do you think about religion, about God?
There are so many issues that are glossed over, or not addressed, or sometimes addressed inappropriately.
Mental Illness; abortion; suicide; loneliness; the point of it all.
I’ve taken what I have learned over the years, coupled that with my life experiences, and written a book, God is a Mob Boss, about these taboo issues. Because “You’re going to hell,” is not the way to reach people.

The Name Game

How did you come up with a name for your business? What tools did you use? For me, when I was starting out, I did a combination of Google keyword searches and checking domain availabilities. I tried to find the right combination for my tea business, Teazzed, and my newly written book, Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1. In the end, I was happy with those name choices, but ultimately combined them on MGSpear.com. Did your name end up working for you?