112F? Inside is Calling

: It’s so hot outside eggs fry themselves in the steam coming off the pavement. So it’s important to be efficient when working outside. But tell that to my Husband. At least I’ve been making headway in my writing—check out today’s post for more info in “Temp 112F? Let’s Go Write,” on WrathofKitties.com

Painting Don’t Stop: Update Between Semesters

Overwhelmed and overworked. But the semester is over, and I’m ready for a short break from all the stuff on the back burner. The cycle never ends. It’s good to have goals, and it’s good when you’re finally done painting. Check out today’s post, “Painting Don’t Stop: Update Between Semesters,” on MGSpear.com.

Water Feature Burnout

Burnout sucks. Especially if you’re an overused, exhausted fountain bombarded by kitties all day. Good thing there’s a spreadsheet for that. Wait, what?? Find out the connection in today’s post, “Water Feature Burnout,” on MGSpear.com.

Christmas 2022 & New Year’s 2023: Disaster Strikes

The New Year is supposed to be brought with celebration, not calamity. It was just one thing after another, starting with the Christmas holidays. But with every cloud there’s always a ray or two that peeks out. Catch the drama and outcome in today’s post, “Christmas 2022 & New Year’s 2023: Disaster Strikes,” on MGSpear.com.