Repairs vs The Weather

Back in the day, we lived in the suburbs. The husband crammed all his tools and projects into the garage, taking up all available space; no cars could fit. So where were car repairs done? In the driveway. Rain or shine. Heat or snow. It’s us vs the elements to keep everything running. Check out our strategy in “Repairs vs The Weather” on

Washed Up Speakers and Thanksgiving

Doubt kills a lot of dreams, especially when you feel like you don’t have anything left to give anymore like you’re all washed up. This post is about second chances, like the decades-old speakers my husband and I pulled out of storage and put back to work. You never know when your skillset will be needed, or when the new skills you learn along the way will lead you to a second chance. Read more about it on “Washed Up Speakers and Thanksgiving,” on

Attack of the Late-Night Oil Change

You know it will be an interesting evening when the husband busts out a new tool to attempt an oil change late at night when you are ready for bed. Does it work out in the end? Do the kitties get in the way? Find out in “Attack of the Late-Night Oil Change,” on