Water Feature Burnout

Burnout sucks. Especially if you’re an overused, exhausted fountain bombarded by kitties all day. Good thing there’s a spreadsheet for that. Wait, what?? Find out the connection in today’s post, “Water Feature Burnout,” on MGSpear.com.

Repairs vs The Weather

Back in the day, we lived in the suburbs. The husband crammed all his tools and projects into the garage, taking up all available space; no cars could fit. So where were car repairs done? In the driveway. Rain or shine. Heat or snow. It’s us vs the elements to keep everything running. Check out our strategy in “Repairs vs The Weather” on MGSpear.com.

Freezer Wars: Discount Deals

This past three-day weekend I wanted to relax, but my husband kept sniffing out the discounts since he is the Discount King. And it was all because of a freezer that in my opinion we didn’t need. Thus began the Freezer Wars. You read that right. Plural. Read today’s post, “Freezer Wars: Discount Deals,” on MGSpear.com.

The Orange Chicken Dilemma

It was my fault for bringing home the off-brand orange chicken. Now my husband had a taste for the real deal, but there was an issue at the restaurant preventing us from ordering. Sometimes there are huge problems in life that change the course of your destiny. Will orange chicken be one of those times? Read on in “The Orange Chicken Dilemma,” on MGSpear.com.

Holiday Shenanigans for Christmas 2021

Christmas is my husband’s favorite holiday, and to prove it’s the best…well, I guess you’ll just have to read today’s post to see what shenanigans he dragged me into this time. I can tell you it’s funny, and it did brighten my day even though I didn’t appreciate it at first. Read about it here, “Holiday Shenanigans for Christmas 2021,” on MGSpear.com.