The Orange Chicken Dilemma

It was my fault for bringing home the off-brand orange chicken. Now my husband had a taste for the real deal, but there was an issue at the restaurant preventing us from ordering. Sometimes there are huge problems in life that change the course of your destiny. Will orange chicken be one of those times? Read on in “The Orange Chicken Dilemma,” on

Driving for deals

Sometimes the best deals you have to look for. My husband and I have rendezvoused with people late a night, many hours away, and/or right down the street to get awesome findings. Don’t settle for just looking at one or two options—explore around and see what’s out there, waiting to be unearthed. Today’s post is about some of these diamonds in the rough we have found over the years.

The Name Game

How did you come up with a name for your business? What tools did you use? For me, when I was starting out, I did a combination of Google keyword searches and checking domain availabilities. I tried to find the right combination for my tea business, Teazzed, and my newly written book, Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1. In the end, I was happy with those name choices, but ultimately combined them on Did your name end up working for you?

8a. Not everything goes according to plan

So…that experiment I posted about a few posts back, hoping it would be the one that works. Here are the series of steps that have happened so far for this version of my project:                   Step …