Driving for deals

My husband and I went on a road trip once to look at tractors. We did bring a trailer with us, but mostly we were shopping around, trying to find a decently priced one with less issues than our old Kubota. The plan was to repair the smaller tractor, but my husband began to wonder if he could get a more powerful one for the same price.

So off we went across the state, traveling a few hours to go look at these steal of a deals. We get to the first one and after checking it out my husband declares this Jimna is the one. On the way home he told me for the little mileage it had and the condition it was in, we were getting an awesome deal. The owner threw in a brush hog as well, which made it even better.

Later on I would drive that tractor in the spur of the moment of selling our Kubota, you can read that post here.

We find a lot of our big ticket purchases way out in the middle of nowhere. For our first ever tractor we drove about two hours at night on July 4th, watching fireworks go off as we sped through the countryside. Eventually we came to the person’s place, and they were in the middle of a pool party. The guy was gracious enough to leave his party and check out our motorcycle we had brought to trade with us for the Ford 9N tractor. The goal was to lower the price enough with the trade to be able to afford the swap.

The guy looks at the motorcycle, fires it right up, and says he’s been looking for a bike like it for a while and wants to do a straight up trade. We instantly agree and drive home with our very first tractor. While it wasn’t very powerful, the work it did paid for itself many times over, and eventually we sold it down the road for our second tractor, the four-wheel drive Kubota.

We also have a nice metal gate in front of our driveway. That was also a few hours drive to pick up in the middle of the night. The guy said he would be at the front of his property to guide us in, and as we approached his driveway we couldn’t see anybody. Then the guy pops out of nowhere and taps on the window to start directing us towards the gate—he was wearing a black shirt. It took all three of us to move the gate onto the trailer, and now it looks very nice and pristine upright again.

Sometimes the best deals you have to look for. These steals were from hours of surfing through online ads and negotiating with different people to find the best price for the quality (my husband loves to do this stuff. I’m in it more for the adventure road trip). The more you see what’s out there, and the more choices you have, can sometimes those choices give you the freedom to make an awesome deal and pursue what you want. Explore your options; see what’s out there.

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