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Currently I have two pen names: M.G. Rorai and M.G. Spear. Click on the covers to be taken to all the places that book is sold!

What is the answer?
What will prevail?
Will it be the red dot?
Or will the cat win the tale?

Catnip, Toilet Paper, and Lasers

Stray shoelace drives me downwards.
Momentum slides me across the tile.
The door, that blessed opening of freedom, comes streaking and jams me into the doorframe.
Consciousness fades and monsters come out to play.
Welcome to the wonderful world of me, Shern Baxter.

Twist in the Void

“Guess what, Pumpkin!”
I flattened my ears back a bit at the name she had chosen for me. Fang or Claw would have been more acceptable for any mighty tom, but she chose to go with my love for pumpkin pie. That stuff is incredible.

A Whiskered Perspective

“Fear can hold back
some truly great moments;
have the courage to try
so you don’t regret postponments.”

Creature Cat Tails