When Back Pain Brings Cats

How can a headache and back pain lead to a silver platter involving cats? Yes, there are always cats (mostly). But hey, it combined relaxing and work, and led to a great post. Check out “When Back Pain Brings Cats” on WrathofKittes.com.
Also, Catnip, Plushie Balls, and Q-Tips is now on pre-order on Amazon! Search the title or “M.G. Rorai” to find it.

Couch Capades

Something falls into the couch cushions and it’s gone, right? A little looking but then you would give up the ghost correct? Especially if it didn’t hold sentimental value. But for my husband? He goes on a quest into the bowels of the couch underbelly. Right in the middle of our movie. For almost an hour. And what for? Read all about it in “Couch Capades” on MGSpear.com.

New Foods: To Try or Not to Try

I’m a picky eater. So when my husband introduces something new to me I get a little leery. Usually it’s pretty good since he is a great cook, but I have tread carefully ever since The Incident. Read all about it in today’s post, “New Foods: To Try or Not to Try,” on MGSpear.com.

Drama in the Garage: How the New Year Started

Mowing the lawn in the dead of winter? Tackling a giant pile of stuff in the garage but then one of you suddenly becomes allergic to work? And it all goes down on New Year’s? Check out “Drama in the Garage: How the New Year Started,” on MGSpear.com.