Cat Karma

Why should you let your animals win when you tease them with toys? Because karma is watching, and karma is an animal lover, which my husband found out the hard way. Check it out in today’s story, “Cat Karma,” on

Sticking with Goals: The Secret Weapon

Everyone sets their goals, but no one really talks about how to keep up with them. The momentum is there for the first week or so and then it’s like meh. So what should you do? Check out today’s article for some advice (and what my cat’s resolution is): “Sticking with Goals: The Secret Weapon,” on

Blog Post Snuggles

How do you write? Everyone’s got their own strategy when it comes to writing, even blog posts. No strategy is better over the other, but does your include kitties? I would say that makes mine a tad more cute and cuddly than your strategy. Read all about it in today’s post, “Blog Post Snuggles,” on

Bathroom Security

There’s security and then there’s bathroom security. The felines are the experts, and no one escapes under their watchful eyes. Even though they are tasked to annoy, the cuteness factor outweighs their shenanigans. Check out today’s post, “Bathroom Security,” on