Christmas 2022 & New Year’s 2023: Disaster Strikes

The New Year is supposed to be brought with celebration, not calamity. It was just one thing after another, starting with the Christmas holidays. But with every cloud there’s always a ray or two that peeks out. Catch the drama and outcome in today’s post, “Christmas 2022 & New Year’s 2023: Disaster Strikes,” on

Sticking with Goals: The Secret Weapon

Everyone sets their goals, but no one really talks about how to keep up with them. The momentum is there for the first week or so and then it’s like meh. So what should you do? Check out today’s article for some advice (and what my cat’s resolution is): “Sticking with Goals: The Secret Weapon,” on

2022: Where am I going?

Looking back on 2021 is a fun way to reminisce, but a better strategy would be to see what worked for you and build on those for 2022. And if nothing did, make new goals to work on. The great thing about a new year is they always feel like a chance to get a fresh start, a time to do better, a time to ask yourself, “Is this where I want to be?” Check out my post on this topic, “2022: Where am I going?” on