2022: Where am I going?

Are you where you want to be?

Change happens to us all: it blows through life, messes up our plans, and sometimes steers us in directions we never considered. But through it all we ask ourselves: is this where I want to be?

This new year brings new opportunities, and with them, new failures. Surprises await, intriguing conversations may bloom, and disappointment may darken the horizon. They all mix together like a painting that time marches through, leading us onward through the days; weeks; months; and then another year passes. But through it all we continue to ask ourselves: is there where I want to be?

And is it? You get to decide. You are the master of your decisions, the gatherer of information to make those decisions, and the one that ultimately carries them out. For better or worse you alone hold the keys to whatever comes along your path, and doors open and close to meet you the rest of the way.

This year can be a year of new beginnings; a time of continued growth. If you’re happy where you are, you can cruise along with that happiness. If you’re stagnant, you can take an oar of determination and row through the waters of perseverance until you land on a shore of opportunity.

Make this your year. Arrange chess pieces until you’ve got a viable strategy to move forward, so when you pose the question, is this where I want to be, you can confidently answer you are on the right track.

I write this post for myself as well, as a motivator to look forward to this new year. A reminder that I am not finished yet. I have plans, possibilities in mind, and moves to potentially make. I hope I am ready to face the obstacles that come my way.

May your shiny new year start off on the right foot this week and continue to march onwards with new plans, with at least one resolution that sticks all the way until December.

Happy New Year, dear readers!  

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