Painting Don’t Stop: Update Between Semesters

Overwhelmed and overworked. But the semester is over, and I’m ready for a short break from all the stuff on the back burner. The cycle never ends. It’s good to have goals, and it’s good when you’re finally done painting. Check out today’s post, “Painting Don’t Stop: Update Between Semesters,” on

Water Feature Burnout

Burnout sucks. Especially if you’re an overused, exhausted fountain bombarded by kitties all day. Good thing there’s a spreadsheet for that. Wait, what?? Find out the connection in today’s post, “Water Feature Burnout,” on

Sticking with Goals: The Secret Weapon

Everyone sets their goals, but no one really talks about how to keep up with them. The momentum is there for the first week or so and then it’s like meh. So what should you do? Check out today’s article for some advice (and what my cat’s resolution is): “Sticking with Goals: The Secret Weapon,” on

Motivational Blast from the Past

What treasures await you when dusting off cobwebs? I came across an old notebook with notes taken from a motivation seminar back in 2010. Does it still apply today? Or is it outdated self-help junk? Find out today if the past teaches or is good for a laugh in today’s post, “Motivational Blast from the Past,” on

Couch Capades

Something falls into the couch cushions and it’s gone, right? A little looking but then you would give up the ghost correct? Especially if it didn’t hold sentimental value. But for my husband? He goes on a quest into the bowels of the couch underbelly. Right in the middle of our movie. For almost an hour. And what for? Read all about it in “Couch Capades” on