Painting Don’t Stop: Update Between Semesters

There are moments in time when you look back and see how far you’ve come, and how far you’ve yet to go.

Painting trim over and over and over is one example. The sunroom was becoming the bane of my existence, going back and forth with brown paint. I would move the ladder around the room, swish with the brush for a few hours, survey my work, then snap a picture to send to my husband. And for all of the first day he would reply, “It needs another coat.”

I got so frustrated. I gave up halfway through and went to do computer work. After cooling off a bit, I went back out, swished more with the paint, thought now it looks good, and still he came back no.

There is nothing more frustrating than giving it your all and still having so much work to do.

That’s how I’ve felt these past couple of weeks with the race to wrap up the semester. It ended last week, and while I have a few days off, the rat race picks right back up with commitments and classes for the summer semester. My professor portfolio is building nicely.

But my business isn’t. I still haven’t wrapped up edits on the cat poetry sequel. It’s about halfway done with the final self-edit before making its way to my editor. I hope to get that done this summer (as the repeated promise comes out again).

I have also started inventing again, and ran one or two experiments. Small ones, mind you, and safe ones. I plan to not repeat the incident that almost led to severe issues.

Plus we’ve been doing a massive cleaning of our house and property. All those projects I write about have cluttered our house for years with boxes and tools and parts, and now, finally, the inside of the house looks livable. I don’t have to mad-rush clean if someone wants to come over. The deadline to get that done was at the end of April, and for further polishing of the property our new deadline is the middle of June. It’s good to have goals.

But you know? Everything will eventually find its way. I did finish painting the sunroom to my husband’s satisfaction on the second day; the spring semester finally ended; eventually my new book will be published. And who knows? Maybe I’ll invent something else besides Teazzed straws.

The future awaits. What are you going to do?

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