Failure: The Foundation for Success

Those who succeed have mountains of failure behind them. Hardly anyone makes it to where they are without hardship. No success, whether it be huge or just saving up to buy fuel and groceries, comes without sacrifice. Whatever you’re struggling with, don’t quit. Pivot if you need to. Check out today’s post on the topic, “Failure: The Foundation for Success,” on


People tell you you can be anything you want when you grow up. But not every dream you have along the way will bring you satisfaction and happiness. Life changes, our experiences teach us things, and our perspectives change. Wherever your dreams take you, have fun along the way, because the end isn’t the most important—it’s how you lived.

Getting my mojo back

Have you ever had a scare in pursuing a passion? I had one last year with inventing where I got flash burned. I didn’t go blind, but I took that as a sign to pursue my writing more. Now I am starting back slowly with experimenting, but it’s definitely taken a back seat to everything else.

8a. Not everything goes according to plan

So…that experiment I posted about a few posts back, hoping it would be the one that works. Here are the series of steps that have happened so far for this version of my project:                   Step …