July 4th Spark

This July 4th I got to ride in a hearse.

Well, a look-alike hearse. It all started with a deal my husband found.

A relative had been wanting a safe for a while now and asked my husband to keep an eye out for him. A tall skinny one popped up on the radar and he swooped in and bought it. The relative lived on the way to see the in-laws, so it was decided to take the truck down with the safe in the back for the July 4th weekend.

Then my husband pulled out his measuring tape.

He got this idea that it would fit in the back of my car, the nicest vehicle we own. He whipped that measuring tape this way and that and declared the safe could fit in the back and we would save a lot on gas taking my car over the truck.

So the night before we go down I throw blankets over the folded back seats and together we slide the safe into position and tie it down. It looked like there was a coffin on the inside of my black car. Looking through a window the faux coffin appeared even creepier.

We put all our luggage and things we were taking down around the safe and off we went the next morning. Two hours later it was safely unloaded and we drove the rest of the way with just our belongings.

At first, I was hesitant in putting that much weight in my car. I complained a lot about it but my husband said it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I remain unconvinced until we loaded it up and saw the frame was just barely squatting under the weight. After that, it became an adventure as we traveled with it. We had a great time visiting with family and friends.

Sometimes you might not want to do something, determined it will not work. But occasionally a different approach or thought can bring light on an alternative angle or idea, and then that pathway seems brighter.

I thought a lot about this on the way down and traveling home. I thought about how just the right idea can open doors and make things so much easier. This got me thinking about my inventing projects again. I’ve decided to take another stab at one of them (not the one I had the accident on), and see where it takes me in my downtime. A fire re-ignited that will hopefully open new doorways. I will still be writing—I’m not giving up on that—but now I will have another pursuit going on in the background. Who knows, dear reader, this time I might discover what I am after.

Stay tuned!

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