8a. Not everything goes according to plan

Photo by Christian Fregnan; quote by MGSpear

So…that experiment I posted about a few posts back, hoping it would be the one that works. Here are the series of steps that have happened so far for this version of my project:                  

Step 1: For this particular experiment I am working with speakers, and I had to re-wire one set to my configuration. When cutting and stripping the wires, the wires broke, and I improvise the connections (I am sooo glad my husband has a ton of tools for me to use lol).

Step 2: I did the experiment, nothing worked, then found out one of the components I was using was defective, so I wait for a replacement.

Step 3: Finally got the replacement part in, and had the time to do the experiment. Experiment doesn’t work.

Step 4: Modify experiment and run it again. Experiment still doesn’t work.

Step 5: Back to the drawing board for further modifications. Come up with an alternative solution, but need a certain type of speaker. I order what I think I need and now I am waiting for it to come in.

It’s not necessarily a lot of steps, but it takes a while after being spread out so many days. This is how it is for most projects: it’s not a boom, boom, boom, you’re done type of schedule. Stuff comes up, parts get delayed, and sometimes you just don’t feel in the mood.

But I am not giving up yet. Tenacity and perseverance are an inventor’s best friends. This is one of my more long-term projects; this experiment comes from a long line of other experiments and research spanning 4 or 5 years now. But who knows? Maybe this year I will get lucky.

What are you working on, dear readers?

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