Fortes and not so fortes

A cup of copy, anyone?

Copywriting is not my forte. Let me paint you an eloquent yet creepy picture with a story and I can have you yearning for more journeys and twists in no time.

But trying to sell my stuff to people? I’m just not the greatest.

For now I do write my own copy. I purchased a very helpful book, 7 Figure Guide by Sean Vosler, and found some articles here and there on how to write book blurb copy. I am looking into some services to help with the book blurbs.

Eh. While I do make sales I am constantly trying to tweak my copy, hoping to entice more potential readers to taste my writing. I love the fact that since I self-publish, I can change anything I want at any time.

There are things I do well though. I am really good at strategizing what the next move should be, and plowing through the plan to get to the end. I did that with my website and this blog. If you look at the first blog post you can see the low level I started at, and what I have progressed to thus far (I purposely left the earlier posts in their original condition so people could see the progression).

I’m not saying it’s perfect now, as I am always tweaking the website, but I feel like I’ve made decent progress for just over a year.

I have also decided inventing is not my forte. You can read about my inventing adventures here, but after a failed experiment that could have ended badly, I decided to dedicate that energy to my blog and writing. I have been inventing for six years, learned a lot of cool stuff along the way, expanded my thinking and strategizing skills, and asked a lot of people a ton of questions. I still have my idea notebook, filled with theories and tidbits, but for now it will be my holy grail diary; maybe someone after me will pick it up and bring one of those ideas to realization. I still have a patent pending and will follow through with that for my awesome tea filter straw, because I basically use it every day for my tea—you can read about it here.

What is one thing you wish you were good at?

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