When Back Pain Brings Cats

How can a headache and back pain lead to a silver platter involving cats? Yes, there are always cats (mostly). But hey, it combined relaxing and work, and led to a great post. Check out “When Back Pain Brings Cats” on WrathofKittes.com.
Also, Catnip, Plushie Balls, and Q-Tips is now on pre-order on Amazon! Search the title or “M.G. Rorai” to find it.

112F? Inside is Calling

: It’s so hot outside eggs fry themselves in the steam coming off the pavement. So it’s important to be efficient when working outside. But tell that to my Husband. At least I’ve been making headway in my writing—check out today’s post for more info in “Temp 112F? Let’s Go Write,” on WrathofKitties.com

Blog Post Snuggles

How do you write? Everyone’s got their own strategy when it comes to writing, even blog posts. No strategy is better over the other, but does your include kitties? I would say that makes mine a tad more cute and cuddly than your strategy. Read all about it in today’s post, “Blog Post Snuggles,” on MGSpear.com.

Choosing a Favorite Book: Serious Business

Choosing a favorite book is serious business. Of my books, my husband has his top contender and wants to know when the next installment is coming. Beta readers have their own likes and I have my own opinions as well. But what am I writing next? Find out in today’s post, “Choosing a Favorite Book: Serious Business,” on MGSpear.com

Work Ethic for the Win

I’ve dragged my soul through grad school. I’ve written 12 books. I created my own clothing and other cat art merch. If hustling were easy, people wouldn’t play the lottery so much. Check out my post today on this, “Work Ethic for the Win,” on MGSpear.com.

Drama in the Garage: How the New Year Started

Mowing the lawn in the dead of winter? Tackling a giant pile of stuff in the garage but then one of you suddenly becomes allergic to work? And it all goes down on New Year’s? Check out “Drama in the Garage: How the New Year Started,” on MGSpear.com.

Writing and Stress: What’s coming down the pipeline

What are you up to these days? Lately work has been barking at my heels with this semester entering into the final months and prep work for spring classes underway, but with that added stress comes my favorite stress reliever: writing. Check out today’s post to see how I’m coping with classes and what’s coming down the pipeline for this writer chick. Be in the know for stuff that might make you go whoa!

Something’s Coming: Writing Update

According to books, imagination rules all. They take us everywhere we want to go and bring laughter, heartache, and adventure to our couches. I’ve got some new projects cooking plus gearing up for some new releases. The M.G. Spear pen name is dropping a horror book soon for the Halloween season, while M.G. Rorai will soon delight with spooktacular creature cats. Read about these and more in today’s post, “Something’s Coming: Writing Update,” on MGSpear.com.