Rebrand, Cats, and Writing

So you probably noticed things were creaking when I accidentally sent out a page I was creating as a post last week. Pages and post creating look pretty much the same, I was rusty in building on my website, and voila! A mishap. It happens.

For this intended post I reveal what’s been going on behind the scenes: a rebranding of sorts. I’ve had the name Wrath of Kitties for a while now, as a subtitle to my MGSpear business, though it was mostly for my art. Over the summer I got to map out a plan for books, publishing, and the theme was—you guessed it—cats! And I realized it’s relaxing to write about cats, so I’m going to stick with that subject for the moment, and rebrand under Wrath of Kitties for all of my pen names, even if some of the books don’t feature felines.

And MGSpear isn’t going away; I’ll still be MGSpear in the background mostly, but Kitties will be the public side.

So—I’ve overhauled my website (check out the main landing page!), made a new logo, and am in the process of gearing up to get back to posting on social media. I used to be consistent, and while I have started a new position at my college, I’m hoping I can still keep up with a posting schedule, including this blog (though that may be still more sporadic for now). In a previous post, Firefly Dreams, there were three choices I was choosing from. My current path is a conglomerate of two of those paths, with the third still in the works. So things are still up in the air regarding those, but for now I march on.

And the books! I’m almost done with edits for the Catnip sequel, Catnip, Plushie Balls, and Q-Tips; below is the cover:

You’re the first to see it, and I’m looking at a release date of around October or November. I’ve started a rough draft of another book, and outlining the next one after that. To satisfy your meowy needs right now, check out Catnip, Toilet Paper, and Lasers.

So we’ll see where Wrath of Kitties goes. Stay tuned, dear readers!

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