Blog Post Snuggles

How do you write? Everyone’s got their own strategy when it comes to writing, even blog posts. No strategy is better over the other, but does your include kitties? I would say that makes mine a tad more cute and cuddly than your strategy. Read all about it in today’s post, “Blog Post Snuggles,” on

Work Ethic for the Win

I’ve dragged my soul through grad school. I’ve written 12 books. I created my own clothing and other cat art merch. If hustling were easy, people wouldn’t play the lottery so much. Check out my post today on this, “Work Ethic for the Win,” on

Writing and Stress: What’s coming down the pipeline

What are you up to these days? Lately work has been barking at my heels with this semester entering into the final months and prep work for spring classes underway, but with that added stress comes my favorite stress reliever: writing. Check out today’s post to see how I’m coping with classes and what’s coming down the pipeline for this writer chick. Be in the know for stuff that might make you go whoa!

Motivation with Winged Cats: New Book Release

So in keeping on with my winged cat mojo this year, I have released my newest book on Amazon: Motivation with Winged Cats.
It’s a collection of quotes, motivating non-fiction snippets, and littered with digital winged cat art. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, this is your sign.

Creating with Photoshop and GIMP

I’m switching gears a little and working on a non-fiction motivational book. I’m adding my own created images via Photoshop and am looking forward to seeing what you think once I get everything situated. I’m having a lot of fun working on this, and hope you enjoy it too if I can pull it off.

Writing and Fur Babies

I’m staying busy with my writing, considering new strategy and working on sequels and new stories. I think my favorite part of writing is to think up something, then bring it to life on paper. I love the feeling I get when I play out the story as I write (I’m definitely a pantser most of the time).
But it’s important to also take time for yourself: some relaxation time; perhaps a little yoga. I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping healthy as we all gear up to where life takes us next.