Writing and Stress: What’s coming down the pipeline

The days are getting shorter, the weather chillier, and winter break is almost here.

A perfect storm for some organizing and planning.

You may have noticed I was writing more posts occasionally. The fall semester is getting busier as the end of the semester comes closer. With final projects starting up and prepping for spring classes underway, there’s a tad more stress level going on right now. And what happens when I get stressed?

I write.

Sporadically it was coming out in my blog, but lately I’ve been going through my half-finished book projects and outlines to capture some of my muse for working on starting/finishing a book or two in the coming months. I’ve wrapped up edits for my witch trilogy with books in the hands of my beta readers; that is still scheduled for rapid release if all goes well. The plan right now: cover reveals on my website in December for the series, with book one launching in January and pre-orders for books two and three going up at the same time. Subscribe to be added to the newsletter to be the first to hear about when everything happens.

I would love to have a Rorai book release in March or May. I know I talked about doing a cat trilogy series, but for now, I’m thinking about creating a shorter project, like another cat poetry collection, or a different style of motivational quotes collection, since that’s a main theme on my social media (which you can check out here on Facebook and Instagram).

Back in 2019 I started out borrowing quotes from other people for social media and my blog, but I began to worry about copyright issues and also wanted to start standing out and be original. So that’s what I did: I began creating my own quotes and have been doing that for quite some time now. I think they are up to par with other quality quotes because someone recently asked me if I took my quotes from a vendor that is used a lot. I said no, my quotes are all original and they seemed surprised by that comment.  (Let me just say here that there’s nothing wrong with using other people’s quotes if you want to, I just chose not to go that direction to establish my own unique vibe.) I have a lot of fun coming up with my own stuff but if I do put out another quote collection I would want it to have a different vibe from other collections out there, kind of like Motivation with Winged Cats, but going another direction.

You never know where life will take you. I’m excited for the writing that lies ahead, for what adventures it may bring, and for sharing more awesome stories, blogs, and quotes with you (I’m really enjoying playing with Photoshop and photo apps to create the quote pictures. Plus I’m eyeing a possible new technology tool as a Christmas present for myself to add video quotes in the mix).

I hope whatever pursuits you are up to fill in the gaps of dull moments. May your passions spark excitement, and may your excitement turn into forward momentum.

Press on, dear readers.

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  1. Always a joy to hear your adventures. Plus I get to brag that I’m am a personal friend of an accomplished writer.

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