New Witchy Book Series Just Released

New book release! The Witchy series releases today, where the mundane clashes with the magickal. Book 1 is about a Halloween retail worker with a reading habit dabbling into witchcraft.

Now Leum’s life is in danger, but can she really trust the black cat that is trying to help her? And what about her newfound witchy friends? Will they be of any help? Or is betrayal in the air?

Check out today’s post, “New Witchy Book Series Just Released,” on for more details.

Halloween Book Release: Nightmares & Twisted Thoughts

October wouldn’t be complete without a good scary book, so that’s why I also published Nightmares & Twisted Thoughts, a short horror story collection. Perfect for getting you in the mood to enjoy a few chills. Check it out to see what spiders whisper in the shadows by seeing today’s post, “Halloween book release: Nightmares & Twisted Thoughts,” on

New Book Release: Creature Cat Tales

Looking for that purrfectly spooky book for your kid this Halloween season? Check Creature Cat Tales, a fangtastic collection of Life Lesson Poetry, where Bat-Cat, Zombie-Cat, and their friends learn morals and lessons about life that help them grew to be better creatures. Read today’s post, “New Book Release: Creature Cat Tales,” to get the full scoop, on

Catnip, Toilet Paper, and Lasers

Catnip, Toilet Paper, and Lasers is available now on Amazon! This purrfectly hilarious cat poem collection while bring back wonderful memories of your feline friends and have you busting with laughter. This collection has been officially cat approved.

Motivation with Winged Cats: New Book Release

So in keeping on with my winged cat mojo this year, I have released my newest book on Amazon: Motivation with Winged Cats.
It’s a collection of quotes, motivating non-fiction snippets, and littered with digital winged cat art. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, this is your sign.

Twist in the Void: new book release!

My Dark Twists Trilogy follows Shern Baxter, struggling student, girlfriend, and all around weirdo as she descends into madness and deals with the consequences. Despite being shrouded in horror and tragedy, it looks like she might be able to piece what little life she has back together in this final chapter, Twist in the Void.
That’s when she finds out her monsters are real.