Twist in the Void: new book release!

The conclusion to the Dark Twists Trilogy, Twist in the Void, is now available!

The trilogy follows Shern Baxter, struggling student, girlfriend, and all around weirdo as she descends into madness and deals with the consequences. Despite being shrouded in horror and tragedy, it looks like she might be able to piece what little life she has back together.

That’s when she finds out her monsters are real.

I had a lot of fun writing this trilogy. This last book, Twist in the Void, poured out of my fingertips as I wrote; now I’ve weaved my horror to its conclusion.

Originally when I posted about book 2, House, Haunted, I mentioned I had written the trilogy many years ago, but in a disjointed manner. While I re-wrote and polished Dark Twists & Surreal Turns, and House, Haunted, this conclusion is a completely new ending to that original trilogy, but much more coherent with a great twist.

I’ve been waiting to publish this conclusion for a long time, before I picked up my writing again. Authors sometimes speak of stories they have to tell, and this is one of mine. Check out the Dark Twists Trilogy today!

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