Category: <span>Black Cat Scribbles Blog: Horror Writing</span>

Category: Black Cat Scribbles Blog: Horror Writing

The Terror of a Plushie

No black cats were harmed in the making if today’s post. In fact, no black cats were used at all. But a plushie was. Strategically placed to bring on the heebie-jeebies, right when I was set to leave for work. ‘Cuz that’s what you need in the morning, right? A scare to go with your caffeine? Read all about it in today’s post, “The Terror of a Plushie,” on

Halloween Book Release: Nightmares & Twisted Thoughts

October wouldn’t be complete without a good scary book, so that’s why I also published Nightmares & Twisted Thoughts, a short horror story collection. Perfect for getting you in the mood to enjoy a few chills. Check it out to see what spiders whisper in the shadows by seeing today’s post, “Halloween book release: Nightmares & Twisted Thoughts,” on

Upcoming New Releases

I know I said I was going to have five releases this Halloween season, but they way things are currently going with my full-time job I might hold off on series I am writing and just release two for the spooky season: Creature Cat Tales, an adorably spooky life lesson book, and Nightmares & Twisted Thoughts, a gothic horror story collection.

Twist in the Void: new book release!

My Dark Twists Trilogy follows Shern Baxter, struggling student, girlfriend, and all around weirdo as she descends into madness and deals with the consequences. Despite being shrouded in horror and tragedy, it looks like she might be able to piece what little life she has back together in this final chapter, Twist in the Void.
That’s when she finds out her monsters are real.

House, Haunted: new book release!

Book 2 of the Dark Twists Trilogy, House, Haunted, is available!
Shern continues down the descent into madness as she and her boyfriend Mark are headed to a party. So far Shern has been doing good with keeping her issues under control, but on this dark and stormy night they will once again become intertwined in her delusions and distorted thinking, and it won’t lead them to a happy ending.
What would you do if the flashlight you relied on started licking the flesh off your skin?

Writing and Fur Babies

I’m staying busy with my writing, considering new strategy and working on sequels and new stories. I think my favorite part of writing is to think up something, then bring it to life on paper. I love the feeling I get when I play out the story as I write (I’m definitely a pantser most of the time).
But it’s important to also take time for yourself: some relaxation time; perhaps a little yoga. I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping healthy as we all gear up to where life takes us next.