Sunday Horror

The best horror comes from real life.

When an author takes something mundane, something so trivial and harmless, and twists it in a way to cast shadows in the person’s mind—that’s scary.

In one of my stories, Sunday, I write about a person getting ready for work: showering; surfing the web; just a typical Sunday for them.

But their reality, what they deal with to get ready, is a darker version than what most of us go through. Can you imagine taking a shower while trying to avoid the one-eyed bloody spider in the corner?

“There is a creature that watches me shower… It looks like a mutated spider that has seen hard times. Whenever I sense its stare, I start to feel so uncomfortable that I must turn around and see its gruesome eye, its unblinking eye.”

Of all my short stories in Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1, I think Sunday stood out as the creepiest. Check it out.

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