Witchery’s afoot: Witchy 3 release

Witchery, bat-cats, and time-travel.
This potion is the recipe for Witchy: Book 3, out now for purchase!
In order to fix the timeline, you might have to sacrifice what you love most. Could you do it? Could you throw away all you’ve gained and built up?
This is what Leum faces. A divide is happening, and she is shoved aside as the timeline rifts. But in the end she is more important than anyone realizes. Is she up to the task to save what she holds dear?

New Book Release: Witchy 2

It’s time to get your Witchy on again! Book 2 of the Witchy saga is available on Amazon, and picks up right where Book 1 left off. Leum is a fully-fledged baby witch now, and with the help of her witchy friends she sets off to thwart a haunting. New friendships are made, an old one turns into something more, and a new threat emerges. Will she come out on top this time, or will Leum be stripped of everything she’s built?

New Witchy Book Series Just Released

New book release! The Witchy series releases today, where the mundane clashes with the magickal. Book 1 is about a Halloween retail worker with a reading habit dabbling into witchcraft.

Now Leum’s life is in danger, but can she really trust the black cat that is trying to help her? And what about her newfound witchy friends? Will they be of any help? Or is betrayal in the air?

Check out today’s post, “New Witchy Book Series Just Released,” on MGSpear.com for more details.

Creature Cats Go On Tour!

Creature Cat Tales is going on a blog tour! Check out the when and where in today’s post where you can read reviews and see for yourself how awesome their whimsical adventures and life lessons are. Plus the illustrations in the book are just fun to look at. Check out “Creature Cats Go On Tour!” on MGSpear.com today!

Halloween Book Release: Nightmares & Twisted Thoughts

October wouldn’t be complete without a good scary book, so that’s why I also published Nightmares & Twisted Thoughts, a short horror story collection. Perfect for getting you in the mood to enjoy a few chills. Check it out to see what spiders whisper in the shadows by seeing today’s post, “Halloween book release: Nightmares & Twisted Thoughts,” on MGSpear.com.

New Book Release: Creature Cat Tales

Looking for that purrfectly spooky book for your kid this Halloween season? Check Creature Cat Tales, a fangtastic collection of Life Lesson Poetry, where Bat-Cat, Zombie-Cat, and their friends learn morals and lessons about life that help them grew to be better creatures. Read today’s post, “New Book Release: Creature Cat Tales,” to get the full scoop, on MGSpear.com.