Witchery’s afoot: Witchy 3 release

Witchery, bat-cats, and time-travel.

This potion is the recipe for Witchy: Book 3, out now for purchase!

Leum and Spes are in the thick of things once more as they take on a time-traveling adventure. A blast from Spes’ past comes to the present and brings all kinds of problems, including a wedge in Leum’s relationship.

The clock starts ticking as Leum is shoved aside, but in the end, she is more important than anyone realizes. In order to fix the timeline, she might have to sacrifice something she holds dear. Is she up to the task?

This one has a few easter eggs for fans of my other books with appearances of major characters lending a hand here and there. Basically, I’ve tied all the M.G. Spear books together into the Witchy ‘verse with one awesome conclusion.

While this book has the most action in it, the story was the hardest to write. For those who keep up with my blog, you know that I tend to work a lot and deal with mini-burnouts occasionally. Well right in the middle of this book I had a moderate burnout that affected my creativity. Fortunately, I had already outlined the book so it was all there, but man, it was like pulling teeth to finish it.

The good news is, my beta readers thought this one was the best. And when I went back to edit it before passing it off, I agreed it was pretty good. Lots of action, great storyline, and loved the other book characters showing up—good memories from writing those stories.

If you’ve ever wanted a good reason to jump into the M.G. Spear books, now is a great time with everything wrapped up neatly and connected together. Let’s get witchy!

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