New Witchy Book Series Just Released

Like urban fiction? Looking for a witchy book? Then you’re in luck! Triple luck actually, because today marks the release of my new series Witchy, where the mundane clashes with the magickal.

Book 1 is about a Halloween retail worker with a reading habit dabbling into witchcraft. Leum thinks everything will work out in the end with helping out a friend in need.

Well, reality check. Big time.

Now Leum’s life is in danger, but can she really trust the black cat that is trying to help her? And what about her newfound witchy friends? Will they be of any help? Or is betrayal in the air?

Another thing to note about this series is that there are actual witchy terms and practices used. For example, Tarot can be found throughout this first book. For those into the craft I hope it brings a little more depth to the story.

Originally this tale started out longer than it ended up being. I chopped quite a few dull scenes, according to my beta readers. But in the end I think it ended up being better because of it, as it always is when my readers go to town munching on my words.

I hope you enjoy my magickal book. May the witchy be with you!

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