Catnip, Plushie Balls, and Q-Tips: Your Next Read

Catnip, Plushie Balls, and Q-Tips is now available for your reading pleasure!

Why should you read this book?

Books can be more than a few words on a page, they can be about a moment away from reality. And what better distraction than with cats?

These amewzing feline tales will bring you laughter and respite while the world churns on, because a cat has you by the hook of its claw.

Plus you’ll get to read antics about my Socks and Elsa, and hear about Socks’ infatuation with vibrating cardboard.

And they sit with me now. I write this post in the early am, Socks on the back of my office chair and Elsa sitting on her cardboard boxes in front of the closet. We all enjoy the clacking of my keys in the silence while I type away and get other writerly things done.

Or perhaps it’s because Elsa’s food dispenser went off a few moments ago and devoured her food, and is now happy and full. I also gave Socks’ treats. So we probably all don’t care about my clacking keys.

Anyways, more is coming down the pipeline, but it might be a few months until the next book. You can always subscribe or just keep checking this blog to stay up with updates. I’m still in the writing throes, so you never know what meow will peek around the corner.

Happy reading, dear readers!

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