Choosing a Favorite Book: Serious Business

Choosing a favorite book is serious business. Of my books, my husband has his top contender and wants to know when the next installment is coming. Beta readers have their own likes and I have my own opinions as well. But what am I writing next? Find out in today’s post, “Choosing a Favorite Book: Serious Business,” on

New Book Release: Witchy 2

It’s time to get your Witchy on again! Book 2 of the Witchy saga is available on Amazon, and picks up right where Book 1 left off. Leum is a fully-fledged baby witch now, and with the help of her witchy friends she sets off to thwart a haunting. New friendships are made, an old one turns into something more, and a new threat emerges. Will she come out on top this time, or will Leum be stripped of everything she’s built?

Attack of the Late-Night Oil Change

You know it will be an interesting evening when the husband busts out a new tool to attempt an oil change late at night when you are ready for bed. Does it work out in the end? Do the kitties get in the way? Find out in “Attack of the Late-Night Oil Change,” on