Christmas 2022 & New Year’s 2023: Disaster Strikes

The New Year is supposed to be brought with celebration, not calamity. It was just one thing after another, starting with the Christmas holidays. But with every cloud there’s always a ray or two that peeks out. Catch the drama and outcome in today’s post, “Christmas 2022 & New Year’s 2023: Disaster Strikes,” on

Post-Christmas: And the Cat Ate Everything

While my Christmas holidays were merry and bright, my cat Elsa’s was apparently filled with the Spirit of Feasting. When we left, she was 11 pounds; when we came back she was 14. Read all about it in today’s post, “Post-Christmas: And the Cat Ate Everything,” on

Holiday Shenanigans for Christmas 2021

Christmas is my husband’s favorite holiday, and to prove it’s the best…well, I guess you’ll just have to read today’s post to see what shenanigans he dragged me into this time. I can tell you it’s funny, and it did brighten my day even though I didn’t appreciate it at first. Read about it here, “Holiday Shenanigans for Christmas 2021,” on

Chalk Body Outlines

A lot of interesting things has happened over this year—some good, some bad. It’s important to remember the memories of good times this year and in the past, and use them to look forward to a hopefully better year.
Whether you celebrate the holidays this year with family, friends, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, or all of the above, I wish you the warmest happy holidays and a great respite from everything that has taken shape around us.
Because you are worth it—trust me.