67. Christmas Cheer

Photo by Aaron Burden; Quote by MGSpear

For some, the holidays are full of family and friends, of laughter and Christmas trees and presents and merry making all around.

For others, this time of year brings tension, apprehension, and feelings of sadness.

For a lot of people, sometimes it can be a combination of both.

I hope you spend this Christmas in good company, whether that be surrounded by people or enthralled in a good book.

No matter what anyone’s opinion of you is, or how you feel about yourself, take time to relax, regroup, and do something that gets you into the holiday spirit as much as you want too.

Christmas isn’t about presents and people—it’s about peace and love. Love yourself, if that’s what you need; love other people if that makes you happy. There is no wrong way to spend the holidays.  

Merry Christmas, and peace be with you.

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