New Book Release: Witchy 2

Get ready to snuggle down for a great read because it’s time for Witchy: Book 2 to drop!

This tale picks up right where Book 1 left off, leaving Leum ready for more adventure. But this time she must face it in the holiday setting that bothers her the most: a Christmas store.

She’s just never had that yule-tide spirit, and now as a freshly minted baby witch Leum’s been asked to help put a haunting at the store to rest. With Spes’ help she finds out that there is more than meets the eye as a possible new threat emerges.

Leum and Spes grow close while the darkness closes in—will they be able to make it out this time?

If you missed Witchy: Book 1, click here to check that out. It kicks things off spooky with Leum working at a Halloween store and begins dipping her toes into danger and witchiness before becoming drenched. Plus there’s a talking black cat.

Book 3 is set to release in April and will wrap up this trilogy. It will involve a time-traveling twist.

Caveat of Book 2

So with this series, I started tying all my other M.G. Spear books together into one universe. Book 2 alludes to other books already published, with easter eggs about them dropped throughout. Those book titles are revealed at the end of Book 2 in case you want to check them out. The trend continues into Book 3 to bring everything together.

Have fun reading!

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