Catnip Tour!

So that the trick-or-trick season is over, how about we start the wintery mix off with the pitter-patter of cats?

Specifically, a tour of cats?

Catnip, Plushie Balls, and Q-Tips is going on a blog tour for the month of November! Check out all the stops, see what people are saying, and I have a guest blog or two mixed in. You just never know what the cat drags in.

Here’s the link to the schedule, plus the schedule is below:

Wednesday, November 1

Virtual Book Tour Kick Off at PUYB Virtual Book Club

Thursday, November 2

Book Review at Sapphyria’s Books

Monday, November 6

Interview at FUONLYKNEW

Tuesday, November 7

Book Feature Highlight at fundinmental

Wednesday, November 8

Interview at Jazzy Book Reviews

Monday, November 13

Book Review at The Faerie Review

Tuesday, November 14

Book Review at Perfect at Midnight

Wednesday, November 15

Guest Blogging at Sybrina’s Book Blog

Monday, November 20

Interview at The Writer’s Life e-Magazine

Wednesday, November 22

Guest Blogging at Word Magic

Interview at Author Talks

Monday, November 27

Book Review at Scraps of Life

Thursday, November 30

Guest Blogging at The Story Behind the Book

Speaking of cats and the end of the spooky season, let me tell you: my house is haunted. There is a ghost moaning about. 

At least, she wishes she were a ghost.

I had gotten up early like I normally do on the weekends, taking out some banana bread slices and adding a few squirts of spray butter. I was going to eat a quick breakfast while surfing social media for ideas to inspire writing when the dog Sammy started whining.

I left my food on the kitchen island, which is far away from the countertops and high above the floor (important detail for later). I let Sammy out but got caught up outside with Wesson’s infatuation with the neighbor’s chickens. So I hung out a little with the dogs to keep him from barking and waking my husband up. 

Once that situation had resolved itself, and it couldn’t have been more than ten, twelve minutes tops, I returned to the kitchen to catch the “ghost” in action.

The no-so-stealthy blob of grey fur skittered from my banana bread and jumped down from this island that was far from everything and so high off the ground. She was supposed to be too heavy to jump that high. I guess thanks to her diet, those pounds weren’t a problem anymore.

And now all the butter had been licked off my banana bread slices. Only the ectoplasm of tongue slobber remained. 

With a damp towel I blotted off my breakfast, added one or two more sprays of butter, and went about my morning.

Now the haunting is happening in the laundry room, where the “ghost” is hangrily pushing her auto-feeder against the wall. She was fed earlier this morning, and she just licked my meal. She would eat the whole world if given the chance.

Halloween may be only one night a year, but cat antics happen year-round. Their judgmental stares and propensity for chaos can be the bane of any cat owner, yet they pull on the heartstrings of millions. Check out my book, Catnip, Plushie Balls, and Q-Tips, to get your fill of feline funnies.

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