House, Haunted: new book release!

So my newest book released on Amazon today is Book 2 of the Dark Twists Trilogy: House, Haunted. It continues the story of Shern from Dark Twists and Surreal Turns, adding more depth and horror twists into what she is dealing with:

Have you ever made a house haunted?

Shern continues down the descent into madness as she and her boyfriend Mark are headed to a party. So far Shern has been doing good with keeping her issues under control, but on this dark and stormy night they will once again become intertwined in her delusions and distorted thinking, and it won’t lead them to a happy ending. 

What would you do if the flashlight you relied on started licking the flesh off your skin?

The first two parts of the Dark Twists Trilogy were actually taken from and older trilogy story. The original was deemed two convoluted by readers. Dark Twists and Surreal Turns needed very little modification, but the House, Haunted section called for major revision. Normally I’m a pretty good writer and can edit/proofread around two or three times before deeming it good enough for my editor; this story, however, needed a little more TLC to get it right.

First off, the original story was written in third person, and I changed that to first person to be in line with Dark Twists and Surreal Turns. Second, some of the elements seemed a little off (which might be part of the reason the original trilogy was a little confusing), so I had to re-work the twists and scares and lead to the revamped ending. Overall, I like the way it came out of the editing process and am looking forward to sharing it with my readers.

The conclusion to the trilogy, Twist in the Void, becomes available Oct 17.

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