Writing hurdles

My biggest hurdle with writing is I will type a sentence and put the wrong word down; do you sea what I mean?

I have to edit carefully with emails and class materials; otherwise I get tons of questions from my students about the same thing. One example that come to mind is: ____ needs little to know oxygen. That was my biggest mistake on a printed class set of tests, so whenever I use it I just post it on the board so everyone knows.

Another problem I have is my brain fills in gaps in my sentences. I will be in the zone, writing down my thoughts, but when I go back and edit I see words are missing from the sentences.

These two problems are why I always try to edit anything I send out carefully. Do I catch them all? No, but I catch them most of the time. When I am in a big hurry to send something, I will read it out loud—if you ever need a quick reliable edit you should totally do this.

Currently I am in the editing throes for book three of the Dark Twists Trilogy. I banged that baby out within a few weeks, I was so excited to work on and finish my first trilogy. Of course it helped I had a killer outline I came up with and my fingers were itching to get it down. The trilogy took a darker turn than I thought it would, and I am eager to see what my beta readers think about it. If you are interested in being a beta reader you can contact me here.

What’s my next project? I have a few things in mind, but nothing concrete yet. I’ve outlined and started writing the sequel to A Whiskered Perspective; that’s going a bit slower since I am also in the process of wrapping up my summer II class materials. I also have a werewolf short story that’s one piece of great writing, but I am toying with how I could make it into a longer book. I’m in the process of editing a few short horror stories for Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 2 and writing more story ideas down to include in the collection. Generally I do most of my writing in the summer months, and slow down a lot during the school year when things are in full swing. My goal is to get as many projects done as possible before my writing takes a back seat again. But who knows—maybe this year will be different.

What are you currently working on?

Also, something cool happened on Thursday–my relationship book, Green & Red Flags to Look For In a Relationship, hit #1 new release on Amazon in one of its categories. This is my first time doing this so I’m pretty stoked.

Check it out for yourself–it never hurts to have a guide for qualities to strive for along with red flags. Your happiness is critical.

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