Spooktacular Books, Art, and Chicken Shark Cats

I love the fall. The falling of the leaves, the falling of the temperatures, the falling of the axes as serial killers chase their victims across streaming services.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Halloween season.

I tend to leave some of my spooky stuff up year round – it makes me happy looking at it, and because of this my husband turns a blind eye. He doesn’t care much for the holiday, and would rather see Christmas decorations. But at our house my season prevails: a ceramic pumpkin sits outside, greeting everyone who approaches the front door with fall vibes, even in the summer.

On my living room shelf sits a bottle of black cat wine, bookended by sciency flasks of margarita mix. In my study I have a handmade ceramic skull cup along with a painted wooden skull I picked up at a renaissance fair. Subtle items not too big to be a distraction, but noticeable enough to keep the spirit of the haunted season alive whenever I glance around the house.

There are cozier odds and ends hidden in plain sight as well. A pumpkin plush near the couch. A miniature farm truck filled with pumpkins sitting on the kitchen counter. Touches of color for the season.

And then there are the spooktacular books. I’ve written a few myself, such as Nightmares & Twisted Thoughts, a horror story collection, and my Witchy trilogy, which is a young adult urban fantasy that follows a girl who adores magick, wanted to help a friend, and found out how real and deadly magick could be. All books are available on Amazon for the haunted season.

There’s also the fangtastic artwork. All the black cat art comes out, Inktober and the other art lists start up; it’s just a fun time to see what everyone is working on.

I’ve added a few Halloween-themed artworks to the parade so far this season: Phantasm Feline and Mews in the Night. I’m dressing up as a catty witch this Halloween and wearing one of these designs as a shirt from my store. I just haven’t decided which one yet. I’ve got a hat and jacket already picked out to complete my theme.

Phantom of the Opera has nothing on this little guy! He’s got the gothic vibe going so well that he’s almost too cool to be petted. He’ll settle for treats though.

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? These mews are on the prowl, searching for scratches, or perhaps a trick-or-treat. They won’t leave you alone until their goals are met, no matter what time at night.

You can see more cat art at my store and also on my Wrath of Kitties Facebook and Instagram.

This season just comes alive with creativity and spookiness. A great combination of good times and stimulating conversation. Or just curling up with a good book and snuggling under a blanket. However you spend this upcoming Halloween season, I hope you’re just as excited as I am about all the kitty costumes dancing across social media. Have you seen @rover_thecat on Instagram? Now that is a cat with some style! My cat Socks thought he wanted in on the action, but decided not when I turned him into a chicken shark:

Happy gearing up for ghouling, dear readers!

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