Spooktacular Books, Art, and Chicken Shark Cats

Halloween is just around the corner, and with it, creativity and awesomeness come out of the cracks. From decorations to books, to art to cat costumes, it is a great time of the year. Come gear up with me with today’s post, “Spooktacular Books, Art, and Chicken Shark Cats,” on MGSpear.com.

Bathroom Security

There’s security and then there’s bathroom security. The felines are the experts, and no one escapes under their watchful eyes. Even though they are tasked to annoy, the cuteness factor outweighs their shenanigans. Check out today’s post, “Bathroom Security,” on MGSpear.com.

Hot as Heck: A Melting Summer

It’s been so hot in Texas. People are cooking in their cars and are happy when the temps drop into the 90s. But when the plumbing leaks you’ve got to fix it. And what better way to commemorate being out in this heat? Create fire kitty art. Read all about it in today’s post, “Hot as Heck: A Melting Summer,” on MGSpear.com.

The Wheel Keeps On Turning

You have loads of free time coming up and think you’ll get a lot accomplished. But what if you work your tail off and don’t reach your goals? This was how my long weekend went, but I was able to pick up the pieces and imitate my kitties: sometimes you just need to stop and take a breather. Read all about it in today’s post, “The Wheel Keeps On Turning,” on MGSpear.com.

Work Ethic for the Win

I’ve dragged my soul through grad school. I’ve written 12 books. I created my own clothing and other cat art merch. If hustling were easy, people wouldn’t play the lottery so much. Check out my post today on this, “Work Ethic for the Win,” on MGSpear.com.