Water Feature Burnout

Burnout sucks. Especially if you’re an overused, exhausted fountain bombarded by kitties all day. Good thing there’s a spreadsheet for that. Wait, what?? Find out the connection in today’s post, “Water Feature Burnout,” on MGSpear.com.

Motivational Blast from the Past

What treasures await you when dusting off cobwebs? I came across an old notebook with notes taken from a motivation seminar back in 2010. Does it still apply today? Or is it outdated self-help junk? Find out today if the past teaches or is good for a laugh in today’s post, “Motivational Blast from the Past,” on MGSpear.com.

Failure: The Foundation for Success

Those who succeed have mountains of failure behind them. Hardly anyone makes it to where they are without hardship. No success, whether it be huge or just saving up to buy fuel and groceries, comes without sacrifice. Whatever you’re struggling with, don’t quit. Pivot if you need to. Check out today’s post on the topic, “Failure: The Foundation for Success,” on MGSpear.com.

Work Ethic for the Win

I’ve dragged my soul through grad school. I’ve written 12 books. I created my own clothing and other cat art merch. If hustling were easy, people wouldn’t play the lottery so much. Check out my post today on this, “Work Ethic for the Win,” on MGSpear.com.