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It’s okay not to be a race car all the time.

I find myself slowing down these days. I’m still in a bit of a writing slump with all the stuff I have going on for my regular job plus dealing with some minor burnout. While I am still on schedule to finish my witchy books, I think I’m going to hold off releasing them until January. I haven’t decided for certain—it will probably depend on how the rest of the month goes with my job stuff.  

But not to worry! I will still have my spooky Halloween releases for you! One is a children’s life lesson book, Creature Cat Tales, and the other is a gothic horror story collection, Nightmares & Twisted Thoughts. This is where I excel, I think, in writing poetry and short stories.

Here’s a preview of their covers:

I plan to release them in September—be the first to know by subscribing to my newsletter. I only send out emails when I release something, so you don’t get bombarded by emails all the time.

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