Halloween post: A Tale of Two Ravages

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” Or so the story starts. Werewolves ravage the town, devouring all who cross their path. Only a few survive and are infected with the tainted werewolf bite.

A girl, Lucie, hears of the werewolves headed for her father’s town, and travels as fast as possible to save him. When she reaches her father’s home, she finds him mildly shredded but alive. She takes him away and helps him recover.

Over the years his physical wounds heal, but the trauma has scarred his mind. Her father seems normal, but when the moon is full he peels off his human flesh to run through the countryside. Every morning after, memories of the damage he caused others pile onto his mind, continuously making his PTSD worse. The only thing that keeps him going is Lucie.

Lucie is hurt by what her father is but doesn’t know how to help him. Eventually she meets a man who loves her dearly, and with her father’s uneasy blessing the two get married. Lucie jokes that her newly minted husband looks strikingly similar to her father.

Things are traversing well for the couple, until one day a band of frustrated townspeople drag her husband from his home, accusing him of being the werewolf that is scouring all the livestock and murdering people during the full moon. They cart him off to jail. 

Before his hanging, Lucie’s father, not wanting his daughter to suffer any more because of him, has the husband drugged and taken away; the father takes his place. As the noose tightens around the father’s neck, his heart is at peace knowing he is saving the love of his daughter’s life and will soon be ending his curse.

I think this is a much more interesting rendition of A Tale of Two Cities, don’t you?

Whatever you are doing this Halloween season, stay warm, stay safe, and get your spook on! Happy Halloween!

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