Where the Red Fern Withers

So I’m starting a new trend: classic books with a gothic/horror twist. Here is my first one:

An old Indian legend speaks of the red ferns growing over an animal’s grave to bring them back to life…wrong.

This is how Billy acquired his zombie cats. Red ferns were very expensive so Billy saved his money doing various necromancy tasks and was able to purchase enough ferns for raising two zombie cats, Thorn and Wrister.

Billy trains his cats to hunt Wendigo and starts to become world renowned for the meat he brings to market. He becomes infamous when his undead felines take down a notorious Wendigo, known to the locals as Shredder.

Once Billy gets enough money to retire, he tearfully destroys the ferns keeping Thorn and Wrister alive, and their bodies dissipate into dust. Thus Billy and his family are able to move into town where they can relax and take on a more leisurely life. But Billy still dreams of his beloved zombie cats.

While I have never read Where the Red Fern Grows, I know a lot of people have, which is why I decided to start with this one. If anyone is interested in the original book, you can check it out here.

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