A Whiskered Wander: New Book!

A while back I published A Whiskered Perspective with the intent of letting it be a stand-alone. But I had so many compliments from that book, asking for a sequel, that I decided to comply. Who knew that a series about dealing with narcissists, told from a cat’s perspective, would have such an impact on readers?

The sequel, A Whiskered Wander, is now available for purchase!

To kickstart this first sequel in the Whiskered Perspective series, book 1 will be going on sale for $0.99, so it’s a great time to jump into it.

We’ve all dealt with people in our lives that gave us trouble, and some have felt the wrath of a narcissist. There are all kinds out there, from the openly gas-lighting ones to the covert-narcissists. I didn’t think this was that big of an issue, but in my research for book 1, A Whiskered Perspective, this issue cuts deep with a lot of people around the world. Their thoughts and posts burned into my imagination, and thus Pumpkin the cat was created to help his human deal with narcissistic undercurrents and issues.

This series is not a lighthearted read. It deals with what some have struggled with for years, and showcases that sometimes you have to stand up for yourself to protect yourself.

Enjoy this unique read!

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