Dysfunctional relationships vs cute black cat: new release!

When life shatters wouldn’t you want a cat by your side?

In A Whiskered Perspective: The Complete Saga, the story weaves over the original two novellas along with two new additions to bring in more drama and suspense. It unfolds while you follow Miller and her faithful cat Pumpkin as they maneuver cruelty, rejection, and narcissists.

While I did a lot of research for this story, some of the elements hit home for me. Readers that have reached out tell me how much they loved the journey of the main characters as they travel through turmoil trying to get to a place where they can move on.

Some have asked if this is truly the end of Pumpkin; the honest answer is I’m not sure. I may come back to these awesome characters in the future, but for now I have other wips in progress.

This book is all about dark dysfunctional relationships vs a cute black cat. When the chips fall will Pumpkin and his human land on their feet?

Find out in A Whiskered Perspective: The Complete Saga.

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