Motivation with Winged Cats: New Book Release

So in keeping on with my winged cat mojo this year, I have released my newest book on Amazon: Motivation with Winged Cats.

It’s a collection of quotes, motivating non-fiction snippets, and littered with digital winged cat art.

One night winged cats just came to me, and I started fiddling with the concept in Photoshop. I got good enough that my husband started calling most of them cute, and spliced the concept together with my relationship stories book I had on the backburner. And voila, an interesting piece of art and writing was created.

The stories are mostly centered around relationships and marriage, but their funny vibe jives well with the winged cats. Check it out:

So now that I’ve started this winged cat trend, I’ve got an idea for a sequel, a little ways down the line. For the moment I’ve got other projects in the works that I’m trying to wrap up: I’m in the process of editing the Whiskered Perspective Book 3, and a fun little twisted drama that may or may not get finished (I’ve been working on and off on this one for a while now.) I also plan on outlining the rest of the Whiskered Perspective series to see how many books it will be, and I want to outline a werewolf story idea I’ve been tossing around. More great reads coming down the pipeline! Stay tuned, dear readers!

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