Writing Update: Creative Covers

Writing update!

So I found an awesome graphic designer on Fiverr to help revamp some of my covers. Generally I always start behind but eventually I get to where I want to be. This is how I felt about these latest covers.

Here’s a comparison of the old vs. new Motivation with Winged Cats covers:



While I like the picture of the old one, the layout and font turned didn’t mesh well. I love the cover’s new combo of another one of my winged cat pictures and the font.

I also redid some others, like Green & Red Flags To Look For In a Relationship. This cover actually converted really well, but I’d thought I’d try to spice it up more:



Here’s God is a Mob Boss:



Again, the main issue was the font. This designer’s photoshop has a much better selection of fonts than mine.

I’ve also redone the cover to A Whiskered Perspective for the complete saga collection (I published the first two parts separately, but this collection will have all four parts). The old cover sold well but I wanted to distinguish this complete series from the standalone pieces.

Complete Saga

Just Part 1

And here’s the cover for my latest book coming out soon, Catnip, Toilet Paper, and Lasers. It’s a hilarious cat poetry collection about the art of being feline:

Love how this one turned out. It’s gotten a lot of looks from showing it around already.

I’ll do a post for the Whiskered complete and the cat poetry collections when I release them. Currently I am planning to release both sometime in March.

Another update: I started a new pen name. When writing the poetry collection I got some advice to create a separate pen name for my more positive writings. So M.G. Spear will still be my horror and thrillers (dark and brooding), while M.G. Rorai will be my lighter works and poetry (light and breezy). I think this will help out more for people to tell my books apart.

I have two works in progress right now: a witchy thriller that will take me probably a while to finish, and editing my horror story collection. For the witchy thriller I’m aiming to make a series that ties all my other works under the M.G. Spear pen name into one universe.

If the cat poetry is successful I’ll continue to write more of that in the future as well.

What have you been working on lately?

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