Good ol’ Stress

I’ve been super stressed lately. I’m in the middle of finalizing grades for my college courses and getting ready for summer classes. This has been taking all of my time so I haven’t been writing.

Do you ever wonder where life would have taken you if you’d traversed down a different path when you were younger? During times of stress I sometimes ruminate on this thought. Where would I be had I not gone into science? What hobby would I have taken up if I hadn’t gone back to writing? What if inventing had worked out?

It’s always easy to look in the past and second guess your decisions, but in the end, you made them and they shaped your life.

In about a week or so I will have more time on my hands, and plan to get back with the writing. I finished the first draft of my latest wip before the end of the semester started, and I plan to overhaul it with tweaks to make it even better.

So the latest plan: I intend to release five new books around September/October to celebrate Halloween early. You guessed it, it will be spooky themed, from a creature cat life lessons children’s book, to the first three books in a witchy series, and finally a collection of horror stories to spice up the nights. So far I have completed 4 books, all in various stages of revision. The last one I’m planning on starting after grades are complete for this semester. I hope you are just as excited about this drop as I am! Stay tuned, dear readers!

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