House of Mews

I typed away the early hours of morning

kitties snoozing in study with me:

Socks on top of my tattered chair snoring

while Elsa in sunbeams, dreams free.

It was sunrise while words spilled

from my thoughts to data stamp

in the silence I grilled

pushed on by glow of pumpkin lamp.

As the sun rose

my focus was shattered

by the soft prose

of mews scattered.

My kitties still slept—

it wasn’t from them;

outside, I percept?

Or inside, do stem?

I saved (always save)

and left to pursue

finding husband give wave:

a phone app to mew.

He was outside my door

ready to burst

not laughing a chore—

I tickled him first!

All this time

my cats did not care:

slept through this whole rhyme—

didn’t even stare.*

*based on a true story. And the meows were very realistic. But I did get some things accomplished that weekend.

If you’re looking for cat poetry, I suggest my latest release Catnip, Plushie Balls, and Q-Tips, or the first book in the series, Catnip, Toilet Paper, and Lasers. They’re from kitties’ perspectives, designed for a laugh or two.

While I’ve been super busy with work, I managed to finish the self-edits for my next book and sent it off to my editor. I’ve got one cover concept done that looks great and am waiting on another to compare. I’m also a little more than halfway done with my next poetry work, but with this project I hand-wrote it all, so I have the additional step of typing everything in. Carving out time to work on this project is hard with my current schedule, but occasionally I’m able to write more on the weekends.

Just to summarize what’s cooking:

  • The next book will be feline fiction showcasing the philosophy of cat world domination through cuteness, with cat owner commentary, and
  • A cat poetry collection centered around classical poems. What do cats and Nevermore! or Tyger! Tyger! have to do with each other?

So new books in the works, though they won’t be released until sometime next year.

What are you working on, dear readers?

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