Cats & Showering: The New Wild West

My cat Elsa’s newest quirk has been keeping my husband on time for work.

She’s always been infatuated with water. When we first got her and her brother Socks, she would knock over the water bowl constantly, having fun getting wet. So I got one of those water fountains to keep them hydrated.

Then she started darting in and out of the shower, having a great time getting splashed on. Socks did this too but not to the extent Elsa did. Elsa loved water.

After my husband’s back surgery he used a shower chair for a while, and when he gained some strength the chair went into the corner of the shower. It sat there, unused, until my husband got a bright idea.

Elsa was darting in and out as usual, until he grabbed her and placed her on the chair. At first she seemed confused, but after a few showers of sitting there she started loving the vantage point. She began mewing and in response my husband reached over with a soaking arm and she licked the droplets coming off his fingers.

Yes she is a princess lol.

But then the princess got demanding.

She wanted us to take showers more often, and would jump into the chair and meow in the mornings. Now this wasn’t an issue when I got up because I rose first and fed them; no after her belly was full, attention was focused on water and she would chirp in the bathroom to wake my husband up. He would arise to take his morning bathroom call and she would mew at him from behind the door.

But when he came out and started up the shower, she would get so excited, according to my husband. As for me, she would mew when I got home from work, wanting me to jump in. This trend continues to this day; she knows how to keep her humans clean.

Sometimes in life you go after things you love and get introduced to something even better. It might not happen within the week, or the month, or even the year, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Perhaps your shower chair experience is waiting just around the corner, or after the next venture. You never know unless you keep going.

If you’d like to read more about my kitties, and other hilarious kitty stories, check out my cat poetry book, Catnip, Toilet Paper, and Lasers. You’ll have a purrfectly good time taking in some feline antics.

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