Drama in the Garage: How the New Year Started

This year I started off on a clean foot that my husband complained about: organizing the garage.

Really, it was his idea. He found a sweet deal on a nice new car and wanted to park it in the garage next to my daily commuter.

Just one problem: that’s where his Jeep sat, plus tons of “I’ll get to you later” piles of stuff crammed behind it. He looked at me on New Year’s Eve, looked at the piles of stuff, and asked if I could get it all cleaned next week.

But I’d now gotten the project gleam in my eye, and thoughts of organization danced through my head. He was talking to the woman who unpacked all the boxes from our last house move within two weeks and got everything situated. I knew with his help I could get it done within one day.

So, on New Year’s Day, I got up early while my husband slept and went to work sorting and organizing the piles of stuff. Then my husband woke up and had an allergic reaction to the work; he was struck with a sudden urge to mow the lawn in the middle of winter, so off he went while I was down to the last stage of putting away everything in all the new cubbyholes I’d found. Today was not about reminiscing and cleaning out; it was about moving things around more efficiently so two regular-sized cars could fit.

Once he was done mowing he moved the Jeep to his workshop and helped me put away the heavier items. And just as the cold front came through with temps on the way to freezing, we pulled his new car in and called it a day. I was exhausted.

But that’s kind of how I’ve been going this whole winter break—full steam as much as possible. I revamped my Witchy series, and am in the final touch-up stages before launch time in February. I got all my Spring classes prepped and ready to go, and I did a little professional development for my day job along with my writing biz. I didn’t get everything accomplished I wanted to, but close to it.

So with the new semester starting up I’m going to take some time off from this blog and focus on keeping everything running smoothly as classes begin. My current plan is to start posting again at the end of January or in February when Witchy: Book 1 launches.

I’m still here; I’m still going; but I’m going to invest a little time in myself as things start to get hectic.

Until next time, dear readers.

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